General FAQ

What is Back to Business Tulsa?
  • Back to Business Tulsa is a community action group designed by local Tulsa businesses to help other local business get operational again after suffering a tragedy such as the August 6th, 2017 Midtown tornado. Back to Business Tulsa allows business owners to submit their needs and get matched up with resources to help.

Does Back to Business Tulsa sell my information?
  • No. Your information is safe and we will never give out your information to predatory vendors. We only work with other companies who we have vetted out and are volunteering their time and resources to help.

Is there any fee associated with this?
  • No. Back to Business Tulsa is a free resource.

Do you accept donations?
  • We do not accept donations at this time. Our goal is to take the burden off of the business owner and serve as a liaison to connect businesses in need with businesses that can help.

My business wants to help. What kind of services do you need help with?
  • We need a variety of services such as: Office Space, Furnishings, Office supplies, Legal services, Accounting services, General clean up assistance, Capital, Food and many more. If you want to help, fill out our Give Help form.

Remington FAQ

When can we get our things out of the building?
  • At this time, NAI/Rupe Helmer stated that no one will be allowed in the building until it is signed off by the City Inspector. Once the City Inspector signs off, business owners can set up appointments to retrieve their items. You will have to wear a hard hat and will be escorted into the building. You will only be allowed a short window of time to retrieve business critical items.

Are we obligated to pay rent?
  • NAI/Rupe Helmer stated that each lease is different so they can't give a blanket answer. You should check your lease and consult with an attorney. If your lease is in the building and you are unable to access it, click here to contact Brian Hartman to request a copy of your lease.

How do I know if my office and furnishings are damaged?
  • City inspectors have not completed a floor by floor inspection so they cannot be sure what specific floors have damage. Bill Sharpe of Jansen Adjusters said to consider anything from floor 5 and up a total loss and to submit insurance claims accordingly.

My insurance company wants to inspect the damage. How can they do that if no one is allowed to enter the building?
Is the building being monitored/secured?
  • NAI/Rupe Helmer has hired TPD to provide 24/7 building surveillance.

Is anything being done to protect against further damage with the
upcoming storms?
  • They are working to put up a temporary roof and board windows. They did state that this will not be enough to stop heavy prolonged rain from entering the building and potentially causing more damage.

Where do we pick up our mail?
  • Remington Tower mail is being held at the 51st & Sheridan Post Office behind the QT. It is recommended that you get a PO Box or another location to forward your mail to.